Broad Street Photo: The view from Philly is developing nicely

Whether you are getting married, need some frame-fillers for above the mantle, need that property to look proper, or just want to look good in your profile pic…take a moment and check out Andy Albaladejo. Andy is the owner and operator of Broad Street Photo. 

After picking up a used Nikon off a Craigslist years ago, a hobby then gave light into what now is a career and the blossoming of one of Philadelphia’s freshest behind the lens. One person who took notice is Colleen McDermott, owner of Marry Me Philadelphia–and multi-year Philly Hot List winner as best wedding officiant, gave Andy a shot and he has since become the lead photographer at MMP. “I started MMP in 2012 and told him he should start photographing my weddings because my goal was to offer all-in-one services. After some nudging, Andy debuted professionally in May of 2012. It was clear that he had a talent that surpassed just a side-hobby. That first month in 2012 he did several weddings for MMP which expanded into a growing clientele and need for his services to this day. Many times he captured upwards of 5 weddings per weekend for us. He has an eye for photos, as cliche as it may sound.”

When asked about one of his favorite moments since taking photography seriously, Andy stated, “My fav moment was the first time some of my photog buddies were digging one of my photos. I still geek when big photographers I follow my work on Instagram.”

  Colleen also had this to say about Andy’s work, “He can see things that others can’t and he has the ability to flawlessly capture those single moments in time. What impressed me most is that he reinvests in himself. He upgrades his equipment which helps him take his talent to the next level – which is where he is at now. He’s super laid back and easy to work with – clients love him!” 

One group of people that love his work is the hip-hop scene in and around Philadelphia. Former owner of the famed, Andy has taken his Broad Street Photo lens to some great events in the city and not only captured the artists, but also the crowds that come out to enjoy one of the best music scenes on the East Coast. Check out how he encompasses both within one single shot below. 

Not limited to days of wedding bliss and nights of headbangin’ boogie, BSP is also responsible for making the Delaware Valley’s sought after residential properties look so damn good. When realtors are looking to make their property flip look just as fly as the hard work that was put into it to rehab it, they turn to Andy. Anyone who has lived in Philly’s narrow rowhomes knows how hard it is to not only explain but to visually show exactly how much good square footage there is in the living spaces. Check out a sample below. 

All in all, Broad Street Photo is bound to end up in your social media newsfeed, whether it’s your old roommate tying the knot with the girl he met that one night, or when your expecting a new addition to the family and your house shopping for your next home, or even just seeing where the fun and good times are at–and BSP has the pictures to prove it. 

Follow Andy & BSP on social media at the links right here:

Andy on Twitter
More samples of Broad Street Photo here: 


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